Puppy Meds

If you have ever had the discussion with your partner to get your child a puppy a thought usually comes to mind and it will be about house training. It is not that difficult at all to house train a dog but it takes much time and patience.

When you are setting out to house train your new dog it is best to house train it at a very young age. It is possible to teach an old dog new tricks however it is a bit harder. You need to cater to your dog. The very first thing that you need to teach your dog is how to go outside to use the bathroom. It is best to stay on teaching your new dog house training before you teach it anything else.

Remember taht you will nat have results overnight. When you house train your dog it can take several days and in some cases several weeks. There are many dogs that are stubborn and try to be in control but you need to break your dog of this and be the master.

Everyone that is around the dog everyday needs to be aware of what you are expecting of the dog. If you are trying to break the dog of a certain habit and another person in the house is allowing it then it can make the dog a confused creature.

You will not see the results of any new lesson right away. You need to have patience and be very consistent. All of your efforts will eventually pay off and you will have a dog that knows where to use the bathroom and know who the master is. This is what we all want to achieve in the long run isnt it – a well trained (house trained) dog we would be proud to show off to anyone – and a carpet that no longer smells?